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kmelion in ianglo

Kashrut Certification in Jerusalem

The original report, the restaurant listing starts on page 5

I got this from a blog, Rafi G. Life in Israel. I'm just going to copy his text.
Rav Katz from Elon Moreh was appointed by Rav Elyakim Levanon to go around the Jerusalem restaurants and investigate the status of their kashrus. The following report is his review and his recommendations. He writes about the standards supposedly used by some of the hechsherim, and how it is implemented, or not, in the actual restaurants.

Rav Katz went to restaurants bearing certificates from; Rabbanut Jerusalem, Rabbanut Jerusalem Mehadrin, Machpud, Rubin, Beit Yosef, Badatz Eidah, Badatz Aguda, Badatz Belz, Badatz Keter HaKashrus, and Badatz Nezer Ha'Hiddur.

The last two listed in the list are "unrecognized" Badatzes. That means there is no oversight on what they do and nobody knows their standards. Even worse is that he found, with these two, that the mashgiach shows up usually no more than once a month, if that often, and then generally just to pick up the check.

In the report, you will read about problems he found, such as how often the mashigach actually shows up, or who checks the rice and beans, who lights the fire (and when that is an issue he differentiates between Ashkenazim and Sfardim because Sfardim are more machmir on who can light the fire and cook the food) and stuff like that. Some more serious issues that arose were he found restaurants with packages of meat that had no labels, and no hechsher, on them. Some would not talk to him, some threw him out, etc.. And more.

After his description of what he found "Ba'Shetach" (in the field), he lists all the restaurants around Jerusalem that he visited and his recommendation regarding whether one can rely on the hechsher or not to eat there. When he recommends against eating there, he writes specifically why and what the issues in that specific place were.

The list has been amended for clarification:
The list of restaurants included a restaurant in Talpiot called Papagayo. I ate in Papagayo not oo long ago and found it to be excellent. It is a Brazillian meat place. The report recommends against eating there due to problems such as the mashgiach not always there so bishul problems for sfardim, and no reliable sifting of flour or removing of challah, etc.

Kosherut has put out a redaction of that recommendation against. Because Papagayo does not deal with making dough in the restaurant - all dough is ordered from an outside supplier, the above noted problem is not a problem. As well, the cooking is only done during the hours the mashgiach is present.

So because they have come into the new clarification of the situation at Papagayo, they have removed their recommendation against eating there.