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Jan. 26th, 2009

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Frozen Food Recall, CORRECTION


Garlic breadsticks, not chopped garlic. And the article had a blurb on Tnuva salmon and onion 5% cream cheese, a third of which was also found contaminated.
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Food Recall, Israel


As far as I can tell it is the Ma'adanit brand... basically all their frozen pizzas, their chopped garlic and their quiches.


Dec. 1st, 2008



Israeli parents be aware, change in vaccination!

From a friend of mine:

I was at tipat chalav with my son this morning.

Consider yourselves informed...the new MMR vaccine (12 month, and booster in grade 1) is now an MMRV vaccine and INCLUDES THE CHICKEN POX VACCINE!

I was able to decline the V, and they do still give the plain MMR, on request.

For those of you who are interested in the chicken pox vaccine on its own, I was told that if I change my mind he can still get it, so I would assume that it is now included in the sal.

Sep. 10th, 2008



Highly negative survey on living in Israel: What's your opinion?

A friend in Tasmania sent me a survey whose upshot is, "Israel is hell and we don't know why we're here." My husband and I are thinking of moving to Israel from the U.S. and we have a lot of concerns: stress, the move itself, adjustment, cost of living, the frenetic lifestyle, the possibility of violence, the disturbing fact of being surrounded by neighbors with whom we don't have diplomatic relations...but do you think this survey is a reflection of reality? It's a phone survey, so I wonder about skewed results because of self-selection--that is, who chooses to take time on the phone to do the survey, people who are happy or people who are dissatisfied? And also, based on my experience of growing up as a Jew in NY, I have an idea that Jews don't tend culturally to express optimism. (I don't know if that's true of Israeli Jews, but when I opined that about American Jews, my non-Jewish husband burst into the sort of laughter you'd expect if you said to someone from Las Vegas, "But doesn't it get a little warm in the summer?")

What say you? If you're an immigrant and knew then what you know now about living in Israel, would you do it again?

Aug. 15th, 2008


Janglo's been hacked?

When I try to go to another page or click on links, the browser (Firefox) shuts down and a virus warning comes up then redirects me to an anti-virus scan/program (Antivir64).

Anyone know anything about this? Anyone know who on Janglo to contact?

Aug. 4th, 2008


Kashrut Certification in Jerusalem

The original report, the restaurant listing starts on page 5

I got this from a blog, Rafi G. Life in Israel. I'm just going to copy his text.
Rav Katz from Elon Moreh was appointed by Rav Elyakim Levanon to go around the Jerusalem restaurants and investigate the status of their kashrus. The following report is his review and his recommendations. He writes about the standards supposedly used by some of the hechsherim, and how it is implemented, or not, in the actual restaurants.

Rav Katz went to restaurants bearing certificates from; Rabbanut Jerusalem, Rabbanut Jerusalem Mehadrin, Machpud, Rubin, Beit Yosef, Badatz Eidah, Badatz Aguda, Badatz Belz, Badatz Keter HaKashrus, and Badatz Nezer Ha'Hiddur.

The last two listed in the list are "unrecognized" Badatzes. That means there is no oversight on what they do and nobody knows their standards. Even worse is that he found, with these two, that the mashgiach shows up usually no more than once a month, if that often, and then generally just to pick up the check.

In the report, you will read about problems he found, such as how often the mashigach actually shows up, or who checks the rice and beans, who lights the fire (and when that is an issue he differentiates between Ashkenazim and Sfardim because Sfardim are more machmir on who can light the fire and cook the food) and stuff like that. Some more serious issues that arose were he found restaurants with packages of meat that had no labels, and no hechsher, on them. Some would not talk to him, some threw him out, etc.. And more.

After his description of what he found "Ba'Shetach" (in the field), he lists all the restaurants around Jerusalem that he visited and his recommendation regarding whether one can rely on the hechsher or not to eat there. When he recommends against eating there, he writes specifically why and what the issues in that specific place were.

The list has been amended for clarification:
The list of restaurants included a restaurant in Talpiot called Papagayo. I ate in Papagayo not oo long ago and found it to be excellent. It is a Brazillian meat place. The report recommends against eating there due to problems such as the mashgiach not always there so bishul problems for sfardim, and no reliable sifting of flour or removing of challah, etc.

Kosherut has put out a redaction of that recommendation against. Because Papagayo does not deal with making dough in the restaurant - all dough is ordered from an outside supplier, the above noted problem is not a problem. As well, the cooking is only done during the hours the mashgiach is present.

So because they have come into the new clarification of the situation at Papagayo, they have removed their recommendation against eating there.

Jul. 27th, 2008

Duck Crossing


Job search

Hi everyone,

We are a very soon to be family of olim and are now frantically looking for jobs.  Now that the final countdown is on, we are sort of desperate to find Dh a job. Currently he works in logistics for a telecom company. I am happy to send a copy of his CV to anyone who might be able to help with a job commutable from Ramat Beit shemesh.

Please, we are rather desperate for a source of income. His Hebrew stinks but he is willing (and expecting) to go to a "business ulpan" that meets at night in order to learn. He is a very contentious and diligent worker with experience in business administration, logistics, and telecom costs analysis. He has also created systems to manage efficiently up to 1500 units in constant flux.

If anyone knows of anything that might be even the tiniest lead it would be greatly appreciated if you either let us know or pass on his CV.

Thanks so much for any help you can offer,

Jun. 24th, 2008


EVENT: Chag haGez in Maale Levona

“Chag HaGez” in Maale Levona*
Tuesday, July 1, 2007
28 Sivan 5768

Starting at 16:00

Sheep Shearing
Children Activities
Pony Rides
Refreshments for sale
Arts and Crafts for sale
New this year – Kite flying, cheese making and a drumming circle!

Musical performance by the Nataf Brothers

For more info or to reserve a spot on the bus please call Mina Brody at 052-6070384 before June 29th.

Chag Sameach!

Maale Levona will be hosting residents from Sderot and Netzarim.

* Chag HaGez is a sheep shearing festival celebrated in biblical times, traditionally done in the spring. A portion was then tithed to the Kohanim, as it is written in Dvarim, 18:4 " The first-fruits of your grain, of your wine, and of your oil, and the first of the fleece of your sheep, shall you give him (the Kohanim and Leviim)".

Maale Levona was the first place to resurrect this ancient celebration and a Kohain will be given a portion of the fleece.

Jan. 31st, 2008

(Jewish) Esther



Has anyone here ever used http://www.foto.co.il before (for printing pictures)? Are they any good?

Jan. 6th, 2008


Purebred cats available

You MUST check out the photos of these adorable beauties on the website.

"from WATERDEW cattery in Haifa.
7 months old, straight ears, short and thick coat. color - tortie.
looking for a warm home. inside living only. super premium foods only.
will be given under a written agreement.
with pedigrees, all the shots, PKD DNA test and FIV, FELV tests - NEGATIVE.
will be spayed before leaving. worms and fleas free.
I'm asking for the price of the spaying only - 500 shekels for each cat.
the regular price for a cat from my cattery is 3000 shekels.
only because i want them to be together the price is for the spaying only.
for more details, my phone number is 0523353381
web site: www.waterdewfolds.com
you can call me on the weekend also.
Meital Sharon"

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