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Israeli Anglos

Israel Anglo
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Ianglo. Pronounced like Jafar's bird (or that dude from Othello) with an N and an L squished in.

Livejournal's answer to groups like Janglo, Taanglo, Hanglo, Banglo, Manglo, Aaanglo, Eanglo, Raananglo, and I could probably go on forever, but I'll spare you. Guess what the "I" stands for?

It can also work as an alternative to Flathunting.

This group is for English-speakers in Israel who have questions/answers/offers about random day-to-day things, any kinds of facilities in different towns, jobs, apartments, I-need-a-place-for-Shabbos, events, etc.

An advantage of using LJ over Yahoo!Groups is that if someone has the same question as you, you can just look at the comments on that person's entry, instead of posting "Me too" so that people will email the answer to you.

(You don't have to be living in Israel, or even English-speaking, to join, but it'll probably be most useful to people who are at least one of the above.)
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